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    Hello guys im general Kampfschwimmer22 and here is my new idea.
    Its a big map with a army base and airforce base, u can play if even only 2 players online.

    If u join u have: - ACU ( Advants Combat Uniform ) in ACU-Digital
    - a rank : Soldier (u can rank up)
    - passport
    - a waterbottle
    - steaks (5)

    In the lobby u can switch betwen ARMY and AIRFORCE.

    If u go to Army u are at Army base. There u spawn in ur room there life ur fireteam ( 4 person ) and u.
    U cant build and mine blocks or desory anythink u have 2 chests (1 with ur backpack stuff) and the outher with personal stuff and ur Combat stuff like platecarryer.
    If ur boring u can go to the shooting range and shoot some targets, or go to the airforce base and fly a
    jet. For normal u can get a job there, so u can clean the houses or fix some rifles.

    In a fire team ( 4 person ) upload_2017-9-29_20-54-41.jpeg

    1. lieutenant is the groupleader = M4A1 + M 9 (Attachments) 2 nades, laser marker ( for airstrikes)
    2. is the marksmen = M4 (Longbarrle) + M 9 (Attachments) 1 nade, 1 smoke grenade,
    3. is the grenadier = M4 + grenadelauncher + M9 (Attachments) 5x 40mm grenades,
    4. is the supporter = M249 SAW + M9 (Attachments )

    U and ur teammates are friends so be friendly.
    Ur team has a own logo.

    Vehicles of the army :


    Humvee = (LAPV) Light Armoured Patrol Vehicle

    LAV 25 = Light Armoured Vehicle

    Outher informations incomeing !!


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