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    I played on this server about a year or year and a half ago, for a few minutes. For the time I saw there was one hacker, and someone advertising their server.
    No staff.
    So I quit.
    I join back, and I love the server. But I notice that the things that should have changed, have not changed.
    Here is the address.
    The server gets to a point where you can no longer unlock or progress. You can get all the skills, get all the guns, perks, equipment. There needs to be a better system. The current one:
    There are levels (Experience-base), guns (Level-based), equipment (Level-based), and perks.
    A system I have in mind:
    Levels are gained the same way, but can also be obtained through events. By participating in "events" you can receive large amounts of XP or special gear. An example: "Arena Championships" would reset every week. Depending on how many kills, levels, or experience you got you will be ranked accordingly. At the end of each week the top 3 will get a large prize, 1-10 get a "Top 10" prize, and the rest get participation rewards (Such as 250 XP). These are an incentive to play, attracts players, and makes the server more significant.
    Guns, equipment, and perks (excluding skills) should be expanded. The skills is fine, and I like the system, but there needs to be a capacity on how many active skills you can have. Maybe if more skills are added make it so it is a certain amount of skills per level that can be active; buying something from the store could make it so you can give the skills an extra boost. For example you could get 4x equipment instead of the maximum 3x.
    (Forgive me if I lost track of the "Progression" topic)

    Gameplay in general needs to be expanded. There are only so many things to do, limited maps, and limited bosses. Something that could possibly expand the experience would be using more wave-like functions. If you have ever played Minecraft Mob Arena minigames back 2-3 years ago, the mobs spawn slowly and that becomes a wave. If you do not know what I am talking about, in COD the zombies spawn but comes in waves, within waves; rather all the zombies appearing at once. If this was added, it could possibly make games more interesting; and through this, you would be able to manipulate difficulties of levels. An example of this:
    More difficult maps and levels spawn more zombies at a time per wave, and per function ( A function is what I talked about before, the "wave within a wave".). If you play Freight, only 5 zombies should spawn the first wave, if the feature is added then there would be a set of 3 zombies, 2, and then 4 zombies and that would be wave one. If you played on a Resort map however the difficulty rises. 10-15 zombies would spawn, or come in functions of 3-5.
    Again with general gameplay, more features need to be added. Simple things like more guns and more equipment, but also difficulty changes and new features.

    Server Management
    A moderator is someone who monitors the server and enforces rule (Hence, moderator(moderation)). Admins are usually people who settle disputes larger than a moderator can handle, like attacks on the server, contacting the owner, or helping people in glitches, teleporting, or fixing things. Developers fall under admin, and the co-owner does as well. In my opinion however, a co-owner is completely irrelevant and should be replaced with a Staff Manager, someone who hires, fires, and manages staff. A co-owner refers to if there are two or more owners or if that person helped found the server and such.
    The main thing here, is moderation. I have not seen any problems an admin should handle, or a staff manger (Basically a co-owner in terms of handling disputes outside of staff management). Moderators need to look out of hackers, glitchers, or should be hired for their professional behavior and ability to help the server; meaning they help new players, enforce rules, provide ideas, are able to function professionally.

    The most important part of the server is a system. An example of system:
    Staff System:
    OWNER (Founder, OR the current owner official of the server)
    Co-owner (Someone who helped found or shape the server in the Alpha/Beta stages) (DON'T USE)
    Staff manager (Generally used in servers with 20+ players regularly and a large staff team that does not contribute to the 20+ players meaning there are 20 players or more on, plus staff 24/7. Staff managers manage disputes within staff, and in SMALLER SERVER CASES (This server) manages the server like a co-owner, but helps improve the server until more players and staff come, and the staff manager goes back to only operating within staff)
    Head-Admin (Used in larger servers, replaces half of the staff-manager's job once more players join, A HEAD ADMIN SHOULD NOT BE USED IF THERE ARE NOT ACTIVE STAFF, ADMINS, OR PLAYERS. Head of administration, developers, operates like the co owner when there is none or staff manager starts only handling staff because more staff joined and such)
    Admins (Help enforce larger rules, direct contact with owner, cooperate largely in the server, are above moderation, and help with things moderators are not trusted with)
    Developers (Developers develop plugins, aspects, features, and the gameplay of the server. Developers manage the behind-the-scenes activity and make sure glitches are dissolved and that gameplay is smooth. Help operate server and DO NOT FALL UNDER MODERATION. Devs should only have console perms IF TRUSTED), perms to ranks, and plugins (editing server).
    Moderators: Used in any type of server unlike admins and staff manager and such. Moderators help enforce rules and stabilize the server. Help smooth gameplay and cooperate with the experience for everyone.
    Helpers help players basically, and help the server. Helpers can mute, broadcast, teleport players, and have a different colored text color so players can see their messages better. SHould be players with good attitudes, anger management, and know a lot about the server.
    Only used in large servers, builders are seperate from staff in the sense that they help build things for the server. Head-builder is the owner or head-admin but if there is a Head-Builder rank it is only needed for large projects or servers with 500+ people due to the fact that builders should build alone, or should WORK WELL IN GROUPS.
    This is a system. It is very important. USE THEM.

    Active Staff
    This is a small section and the end. Staff need to be active, responsible, and have a good system. CONSTANT UPDATES AND NEW FEATURES NEED TO BE ADDED AS WELL DONT FORGET.

    If you read all of this, good or you, because this server needs it.
    Thank you.

    -Sir Brodste
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    Dangit. I was about to start a discussion with you then I realized this is Zambies. Well anyways I dont think things need to change, the arena championships thing sounds nice though.
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