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Discussion in 'Feature Requests' started by Kampfschwimmer22, Sep 26, 2017.

  1. Kampfschwimmer22

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    Hey guys,
    i think we need some new thinks on Jectile. Have fun at reading!

    For that we need a Villiger in the lobby (Shooter).
    For every kill u get 1$ and 1xp.

    For every mission (1 game ) u get 200$ to.

    With this u can buy grenades, mines and armour but u only buy nades that outher u have to buy 1-time.
    The nades stay for 1 game

    incendary = 200$
    flashbang = 100$
    grenade = 100$
    smokegrenade = 100$
    M18 claymore = 700$
    AT4 = 7000$ is a better RPG with is more accurat and 1 game useable
    C4 = 2x 300$
    medipack s = 200$ allways on ur platecarryer 2 sec Bandageing / 5 hearts Health
    medipack m = 400$ " 2,5 sec Bandageing / 7 hearts Health / faster moving
    medipack l = 800$ " 2 sec Bandageing / 15 hearts Health / faster moving / +5 hearts
    for 5 sec.
    tourniquet = 300$ can revive and health ur mates every platecarryer
    radio = 1000$ for send help ( /h ur teammates see i need help at X: ... Y: ...) ( /s : see sniper X: .... Y: ..... ur looking at)
    mag pouchs pistol = 500$ faster drawing mags
    mag pouchs primary weapon = 1000$
    Jammer 1 ( protect u for mines and IEDs)= 1000$

    U buy armor every mission
    s1 = kevlar = 500$ / protect u for ... hits from pistols 4, aussualt rifels 1
    s4 = ceramic plate = 750$ / protect u for ... hits from pisols 4 , assualt rifels 3 , snipers 0.5,

    U can buy carry equipment (all time)
    Normal (battlebelt) normal ammo 3 mags/ normal reaload / 1 grenade / no armor

    Platecarryer 1 (vulcan) u need for:grenadelauncher and armor / 4 mags / mag pouchs /2 grenades/medipack s/ 5000$

    Platecarryer 2 (assualt) need for: AT-4 and armor / 5 mags / 1 sec. faster reloas/2 grenads/ 1 AT 4/ medipack m/ 10000$

    Platecarryer 3 (lighting) need for armor / 6 mags /3 greands/ medipack l / fireressistand/ 20000$

    helmet 1 / protection : pistol hits 2, assualt rifel hits 2, smg 2 / 10000$
    helmet 2 / protetion: pistol hits 4, assualt rifel hits 4, smgs 2, fireressistand, need for Jammer 1 / 20000$

    The bodys lay on the ground 15 sec u can revive a player after that the player respawns, in the specmode the player can chanch his loadout.

    This need a texturepack with real look.

    If u think why the f***ing hell we need a radio, its for big maps for weekend events.
    If the admin think who shout build them, i do !
    Its a Big map with 1 city in the middle and a wood in the background.

    If u want to know more ask me !

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  2. SoccerDefense11

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    This could be a new and fun server, with more work
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  3. MapleNekopara

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    When I saw 'Armour and Buy System' I thought this was gonna be your idea to turn Jectile into CSGO. Then I read it entirely.
    Realizing, that this over-complicates the game. It's supposed to be Minecraft CoD, not a mashup of different games. Also, it would be unfair for lower levels, when the higher levels have mass amounts of grenades and more to purchase, while the lower levels don't have anything. Also it would be massively ignored by players who simply feel overwhelmed by all the stats and purchaseables, and this idea really separates Jectile from its original self. If this was added, it wouldn't even feel like Minecraft CoD.
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  4. Steaxlth

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    This is easier typed then coded.

    Great suggestions but to code that would take forever and [developers] are too busy to code all that.

    There are others that have suggested related updates but nothing has come.
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  5. Kampfschwimmer22

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    Hey mabye its true but dont foreget every weapon can kill !

    Emmm its not even fricking csgo Maple, if u realiz it or not its real life -.-

    If players like u dont like that idea u can play even on ur good old jectile 1.0 ,
    but palyers like Steaxlth who want some realism can get to us army roleplay. Im working on it.

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