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    Shout out to @Horiuchi and @X_LiterallyMNT_X for this idea :).

    LiterallyMNT had the idea to add passive classes to the game, to add another aspect for those who are trying to help instead of hurt. I'll be adding on to that.

    Horiuchi was the one to make the thread in the first place (I think, I might have to check). So congrats to him/her.

    Passive Classes

    Willpowered Zombie - Based off the idea of the zombie being able to control itself over the zombie part controlling it, this zombie still has the default kit, but instead of only being able to attack humans, it is also allowed to do half damage to zombies (is half dmg fair..?).

    Medical Zombie - A doctor just happened to show by! This zombie will have 1-3 pain pills and 1-2 first aid kits (maybe you could add a hint of randomness of how many there are), and will be able to heal fellow humans! The catch is, the pain pills are nauseous, and will make you sick for 5 seconds (Nausea I) due to the contamination caused by your rotting flesh (ew).

    Suicide Bomber - (Hint: PLEASE DONT DO THIS) Right when a bomber was gonna blow, a zombie bit right on the hand! Now the bomber is a revenge seeking killing machine, with the deathwish of killing a crap ton of zombies! This class grants you a Speed I buff with 2 stun grenades and 2 cluster bombs! KABOOM!

    Paul Revere - Let's go back to the Revolutionary War, where Paul Revere is saying: "I'm getting eaten alive!"
    Confused on where to go after he and his horse came back from the dead, he stumbles upon humans being attacked by humans. This kit will grant you a Speed III Buff with a [shield or claws (I recommend shield)]! (attacks zombies not humans)

    Opposing Classes

    Runner - Wow, what a great name compared to all the others right? Well, I'm unoriginal, get used to it m8. This one should be obvious but you know, I'll explain it out of the goodness of my heart. The Runner gets a simple Speed I (or II if you want to buff it) buff and slowing zombie claws (puts slowness I on humans when hit).

    A cute Zombie Bunny - Aw look at th- O MY GOD MY HAND AHHHHHH, is what I would say if this actually existed. Now, I'm not sure if /disguise can lower your hitbox, but if it does, I recommend using the bunny disguise for this. The bunny kit consists of Jump Boost II and a fierce carrot knife that causes nausea when hit because it FORCES YOU TO LOOK INTO ITS EYES AND BOW TO IT (totally).

    [Optional] Ghille Suit Zombie - Before I say more, I just want to let you guys know that this one would have to be seriously nerfed if it were to actually go in game, so thats why its completely optional to remove this one.
    Operation: 360 noscope humans leggo has now commenced! Now this is why it has to get nerfed or countered by another weapon (flamer would be my suggestion but if you add this there should be like a wider range flamer like more spread out but less 'bullets'. INVISIBILITY ONE AND A SNIPER OF SOME SORT. yeahhhhhh no

    Prince Alarming - He's alarming because of his devilish looks... or is he? Maybe he's secretly just a bomb or an alarm clock... OR BOTH? No, just kidding, he just looks like a deformed purple blob of blood and royalty. This kit gets a beautiful Baseball Bat with that beautiful knockback to make up for his ugly face! He also climbs really high so make that Jump Boost I so he can save that princess!

    Cackling Zomitch - It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a... zombie witch...? Wow, this is gonna be a brew (rude and brew ahaahahhaha) awakening for those pesky humans! This kit is brewing up some major Damage II potions (3 splash dmg II potions) and something's frothing up... it's poison.... ew (1 Poison I splash potion)

    Token Prices and Level for each class
    Willpowered Zombie - 2257 Tokens <Level 7> Support
    Runner - 2798 Tokens <Level 12> Opposition
    Prince Alarming - 3641 Tokens <Level 19> Opposition
    Paul Revere - 5609 Tokens <Level 34> Support
    Zombie Bunny - 7530 Tokens <Level 49> Opposition
    Medical Zombie - 9776 Tokens <Level 64> Support
    Suicide Bomber - 11285 Tokens <Level 73> Support
    Cackling Zomitch - 15662 Tokens <Level 85> Opposition
    If added: Ghille Suit Zombie - 22877 Tokens <Level 103> Opposition

    Wow I did all of this on an IPad btw, be proud of me lol, anyway, I love this server, ty for reading

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