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Discussion in 'Feature Requests' started by TBlazeWarriorT, Mar 31, 2018.

  1. TBlazeWarriorT

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    Bomb Squad should protect you from your Blooper Damage (it often happens). It actually feels silly that it doesn't.

    Hitting a zombie with your shield should definitely not consume your Reactive Hat.

    Running with a shield should maybe make you more resistant/invulnerable (obviously only when you are running), I feel like the shield weapon has great potential, but not just depending on running for a while, but also stopping you, knocking you back, dealing meh damage, consuming any hats you are using, risking yourself and hitting a single zombie (before getting knock-backed, at least if you don't have Sweep) are a lot of "cons" over it's "pros", really.

    As a last question, it actually that seems like using items like C4 and Crawlers (probably teleporter also, etc) consumes the whole stack and wastes all others, a pretty critical bug if that's it. For example, you have 9 different C4 in your inventory, all other 8 will be deleted for no reason upon using the first one.

    Other than that, really great server, I got level 30 in 3 days :)
  2. xXGuyFawkesXx

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    once i git from lvl 195-214 in one match
  3. SurSheeps

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    Blooper is really only a meme weapon, if you want the high ranks then just use the ION and the flammer or toadstool (OP with flame buff)
  4. iZig

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    All explosive weapons do self-damage. This is to prevent overpowered strategies, you'll understand when you see better explosive weapons.

    I don't have experience with this (I suggest using baseball bat), it most likely doesn't but you're just too close and you get hit.

    Having certain skills with this would make it too overpowered for such a low level melee weapon.

    I think this has been reported before and it is quite annoying. I suggest unstacking them to use them till its fixed, but hasn't been fixed for such a long time it might never be fixed, there's probably code reasoning behind it.

    Nice dude! It isn't too hard to level up till the 170's if I remember correctly.

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