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Discussion in 'Feature Requests' started by Kampfschwimmer22, Nov 12, 2017.

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    need for that system : - recoil for assualt rilfes
    - new gun category (DMRs) (Designated Marksman Rifle)
    - NEW gun :V
    - delead Flamethrower under barrle
    - rename the M16 to M16A4 because the M16 is the vietnam "edition" of the M16 lol
    New guns : M4A1 - Assualt Rifles
    SCAR H - DMRs
    hk 416 (m416) - Assualt Rifle
    F2000 - Assuat Rifle
    M36 Fire - Fire nade
    M18 Smoke - Smoke nade

    Attachments for Assualt Rifles : - angled foregirp
    - foregirp
    - laser target divice

    Attachments for LMGs : - bipod = 5 sec. sneaking = no recoil= 98% accuracy
  2. Chester

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    I’ve seen you on the Noxcrew forums, you still sport incredibly bad ideas with incredibly bad English.
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    You surely didn't thought your ideas through.

    First of all, why DMRs? We already have a Dragunov, RSASS and M14 we don't need another category just for those few weapons and if they would be coded with similar stats as Ghosts DMRs then they would be probably the most overpowered weapons.

    I mean sure, more variety is always good but let me just put up a comparison of what your suggested weapons basically are or would be atleast stastically:
    M4A1 - Galil
    HK416 - G36C
    F2000 - Famas
    SCAR-H - M14 or RSASS (one of the two)

    Smoke/Fire grenades is something alot of players requested however was never taken into consideration I think.
    Grips for ARs would basically make them even more powerfull than they actually are, imagine a Famas with a grip you would have a laser beam of 1k RPM and Laser target device would be just steady aim but in attachment form.
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