Wanderer & Giant's Crossbow Bugs

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    14 hearts = 28hp
    10 hearts = 20hp
    1 heart = 2 hp

    Basically what I'm saying here is that 1 heart is 2 hp, and half a heart is 1 hp. Since I use Unstoppable 4, I have 28 hp. Sometimes I take some fall damage or whatever, so I'm down to 27 hp. If I have 27 hp, I should have 13 1/2 hearts, RIGHT? But no, it still shows up as 14 hearts. That's where wanderer comes in. Since i'm at the full 14 hearts, but technically *not* at full health, it still doesn't heal me back up to 28 hp. The wanderer skill description says it heals half a heart, and not 1 hp. Also, sometimes Wanderer doesn't work at all even when i'm not at the full 14 hearts. I get the spark particles, but it doesnt bring me up half a heart. If Wanderer doesn't work, I'm not gonna vote for the server.

    I think the main problem is that the health shown by the amount of hearts does not match up with the table on the right. The hearts might say 28hp, but the right says 27. I don't know which one displays my actual health, even if its a 1hp difference I still care. If both were synced, Wanderer would work correctly and I would know what my actual health was.

    This brings me to my second topic: The Giant's Crossbow. This is less of a bug than the first one, but it's still pretty annoying. Okay, I'm charging my crossbow, it's almost ready to shoot, and then it stops. It just stops. My finger is still on the right click button, but it stops. I dont release it, but it stops. It simply stops charging. It stops charging pretty often, and its SO ANNOYING, especially if there are a few nightmares in front of you.

    Please fix
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