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    Hey all, I have a small idea that would make Zambies little more interesting and allow high-level users to do something as currently, they have not many things to do. My idea is still sketchy, it's not the best. Anyways, the point of my idea is to specialise a gun, depending on its category.

    For example:

    Flamer is a gun where the main thing is to set Zombies on fire. My idea is that you could specialise it to do something specific. For instance, you could choose from; Set Zombies on fire longer, Faster damage output, Spraying flame wider etc.

    RPG-7 is a powerful but deadly weapon, Its splash damage can knock out many enemies. RPG-7's specialisation would be for example; Bigger splash damage range (This would require the player to be more careful), Some sort of small cluster bomb when explodes, etc.

    In my opinion, this should be a powerful but expensive upgrade. It also will in 3 levels. If you take my idea of Flamer setting zombies on fire for a longer duration, the upgrade will be like this.

    The first upgrade will be: 3seconds+
    Second will be: another 5seconds+
    Third will be: another 7 seconds+

    Keep in mind that this is just an example, I know things need to twist a little.

    Now for the price, I did say this should be a powerful but expensive upgrade.
    I'm currently lvl.85 and have 153k coins. Only that much after levelling up 85 times.
    I suggest the first upgrade should be an easy one.

    The first upgrade should be maybe: 40k coins.
    Second will be: 80k coins
    Third should increase its specialisation dramatically, but really expensive. I say roughly 100k ~ 200k coins.

    I think that this upgrade should not be refundable, In my opinion, you should be able to 'reset' it but don't get any refund. Also, You should be able to choose only 1 specialisation, as the word even says it.

    Anyways, thanks for reading.
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