Zambies Map "Pit"

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    I spent a long time figuring out and constructing the perfect map everyone would enjoy. I payed attention to every little detail so that it would 100% work for a Zambies map. There are plenty of places to settle as a team and avoid zombies. There are also many places for player zombies to spawn as well. Unlike my "Laboratory" map, this one has a lot of space and allows you to use airstrikes lol. The boss could be anything remaining (EnderDragon, Spider, Ghast, Wolves, Blaze). Let me know what you guys think!
    2017-10-08_01.10.39.png 2017-10-08_01.09.36.png 2017-10-08_01.11.24.png 2017-10-08_01.10.21.png 2017-10-08_01.12.11.png 2017-10-08_01.09.19.png 2017-10-08_01.09.03.png 2017-10-08_01.11.06.png 2017-10-08_01.08.29.png

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